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Permanently transition to the new AWR version
Permanently transition to the new AWR version

Compatibility checks before permanently moving rank monitoring and project database to the new Advanced Web Ranking version

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The 2 now existing versions - Advanced Web Ranking and AWR Cloud - have been built as backward compatible. However, before migrating the subscription to the new AWR app, there are some aspects to keep in mind: 

  • Scheduled AWR Cloud reporting system setup will not be migrated.

Once you transition to the new AWR version, the Cloud reporting system and scheduled tasks will be automatically disabled. The two versions have entirely different reports, therefore, the Cloud scheduled reporting system cannot be migrated. 

The great part about the new AWR live reporting system is that you can easily create and schedule a template across projects. 

Reporting system documentation can be accessed here

  • Whitelabel hostname. If having a Whitelabel custom subdomain enabled, make sure to either replace the target CNAME with "" or define an entirely new subdomain with the appropriate alias. 

The old subdomain, targeting will no longer work. 

  • Customer level users. Check your invited customer users, some of them with read-only access to some projects and other with reports access only. 

In the new AWR version, the read-only data access is being handled by the HTML permalink feature, shared with whoever required. 

Briefly, this is a single-project unique link that can be shared with clients, teammates or any other third part person with no previous AWR access. 

The person accessing the unique link you sent will have read-only access to the ranking sections of the project in question:

Besides the ranking views, you can also allow access to the Reporting Dashboards - existing or entirely new ones, especially designed for your clients. Every time your clients require access to their latest ranking infos, they can access the link for live data. 

That's pretty much everything when it comes to backwards compatibility between the 2 versions. Switching to the old version will no longer be available when migrating to the AWR app.

Do you have any other questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will keep building the FAQ.

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