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The alias represents the URL / definition to be tracked during the updating process, for the project main website or the competitor URL. 

For any website inserted in AWR Cloud, the default alias is automatically added: * Through the wildcard, it is expected to substitute and capture any possible domain trace in the results pages, regardless if page index, subdomain or URL folder. 

If you replace the current alias, the application will track rankings for the website alias that you define.

Special aliases

Not to miss any potential client ranking presence, make sure to update the alias settings based on the monitored search engines: 

  • Maps / Organic and Places / Places search engines require adding as custom value alias all the Business Card names listed in the Google MyBusiness account

This is how the local listings are listed in the SERPs:

In order to ensure that AWR tracks local results no matter what, we recommend adding the Business name as custom value website alias for each project. 

  • Video search engines (Google Universal, Google Videos, Youtube). Verify the videos that your client is listed online with and make sure to update the alias settings accordingly. The custom value alias is recommended in this situation too. 

Do you have any other questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will keep building the FAQ.

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