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Click Share Score
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The Click Share score reflects the percentage of searchers who may click on your website, if listed in the Top 20 positions from the SERPs. 

The metric is dynamically calculated considering the last 6 months in averageOrganic CTR Study data from Desktop International searches. The estimates are assigned differently, depending on the keyword length (long tail / mid-length or head term).

Percentages are gradually assigned for positions 1-20, with keyword length and rank importance variations. 

A complete overview of the CTR values from the last 6 months, which have been used for mapping the current Click Share metric can be downloaded from here

For positions below Top 10, less than 1.5% of searches results are being clicked. The estimated Click Share for positions out of Top 20 is 0.

How the metric is computed

Click Share is represented as an aggregated metric, for all keywords and monitored search engines, but it can be also calculated per group of terms and / or search engine.

CS formula: 

kwd 1 + kwd 2 + kwd 3 + ....+ kwd "n" / n -> CS value for a given set of keywords, for one search engine 

where kwd "n" = no. of keywords in set / group

for each kwd, the proper ClickShare value is added (see gradual assignment / position and keyword length)

*When a website ranks with multiple URLs for the same keyword, only the best position is considered.

The global ClickShare, across all added search engines is computed by aggregating the granular ClickShare scores / keyword, on each of the monitored search engines.

Do you have any other questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will keep building the FAQ.

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