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The Visibility score is a ranking performance metric, calculated considering a proprietary formula, based on the keyword rankings retrieved during the updates. 

The score reflects the progress of your websites in search, across all keywords and search engines targeted in a project.

To calculate the Visibility score, AWR Cloud assigns a number of points to each of the first 30 positions, as follows:

  • Position 1 = 30 points

  • Position 2 = 29 points

  • .......................

  • Position 30 = 1 point

Positions below 30 have 0 points.

The Visibility score is the sum of the points given to the URL by each search engine. For example, if we have 3 search engines, we assign 3x30=90 points. Now, with a URL that has the following positions:

  • Search engine 1: Position 1 = 30 points

  • Search engine 2: Position 10 = 21 points

  • Search engine 3: Position 32 = 0 points

The Visibility score is 51 points.

Also see how the Visibility Percent is calculated. 

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